When you have a space that needs to be completely demoed before it’s renovated, we’re the crew to call. We can shell out and selectively demolish the interior of your building, so that you can start anew.

So let’s talk demolition—here are a few of the reasons that you may have to demolish your building interior, as well as a few reasons why you should choose the crew here at Sage Construction for your next job.

Why Demolish?

Whether it’s time for an upgrade, or a demolish is necessary, we can help. We often find that building owners opt for an interior demolition if they have to renovate, if their building is outdated, or if the structure has endured a disaster…

If you own a building, you may need to renovate the structure in between tenants in order to suit the demands of your upcoming tenant.

Other times, you may have to renovate simply because you have outdated fixtures and components.

Perhaps disaster has struck. You may have a building that’s endured flooding, fire, or some other disaster. When you have a damaged building, we can get the structure back on its feet so that you

Choose Sage Construction

If you’re selecting a commercial demolition contractor, we’re here to let you know that you’ve found the right crew. Our services are miles above the rest because we bring skill, service, and all the right tools to the job.

The Right Tools for the Job

Sledgehammers, jackhammers, you name it—we bring the right tools for the job to every job that we encounter. Plus, we can bring in heavier machinery for those bigger demolitions. With all of our jobs, we take care to bring helmets, glasses, and gloves (among other safety equipment) to stay safe while on site.

All-In-One Services

Our services certainly don’t stop at demolition. Per your request, once we’re done with a demo, we’ll start with your renovation. We provide metal framing, drywall installation, acoustical ceiling installs, and a variety of other construction services. Here at Sage Construction, we see you through from start to finish.

If you’re just looking for a demolition, we’ll make sure that your space is completely demoed, and that it is cleaned up and ready for your next move.

Skill & Safety

Here at Sage Construction, we have years of experience in commercial demolition and construction. That means that we have the know-how and techniques to perform a safe, efficient demo.

Get Started Today

Take a look at our gallery of completed projects, and get started with a bid. We provide commercial demolition and construction services throughout Des Moines and the surrounding area.