Drywall is an important component of any home or business, which is why many people opt to have it installed by professional contractors. Drywall hanging can be a tedious task, particularly for large projects. If you are hiring a contractor to have drywall installed, you might have a few questions about what lies ahead. Here at Sage Construction, we provide drywall services in Des Moines and surrounding locations, and we can help you with your next drywall installation project, large or small.

As you get ready for installation to begin, check out these tips on what to expect and how you can best prepare the space for installation.

Any Project Should Start With An Assessment

Before your contractor ever begins work on your home or commercial building, there should be an onsite assessment of the project. During this stage, your contractor can determine how much drywall will be needed and can formulate a plan for the installation. This will also be a good time for your contractor to provide you with an estimate for the cost of the project as well as the amount of time until completion.

During the assessment stage, make sure you ask any questions you might have. Make sure you are clear on what the project will entail so you can properly plan around it. For example, if the drywall installation is taking place at your home, you will want to know when to schedule the installation to fit into your busy life. If it is taking place at a commercial building, you will want to understand how much it will impact the use of the building. Ask questions and get a firm understanding of what will take place.

Make Sure You Understand The Timeline

Nothing is worse than expecting a project to be completed by a certain deadline, only to find out that construction will be taking place well beyond when you thought. Make sure that you clearly understand the timeline for installation. By communicating with your contractor, you can plan around the drywall installation and make sure that any other projects that are contingent upon the drywall installation can take place at the right time.

For example, after drywall installation, you might need to schedule other renovations for your home or call in painters for the final touch. Make sure that you know when this should all transpire and how long the drywall installation will take to be completed.

Clear Out The Space As Much As Possible

Before the drywall installation team ever arrives, try to clear out the spaces they will be working in as much as possible. Any items left in the room will be in the way of the work, which can slow down the process. Not only that, anything left in the room will be covered in drywall dust and will lead to a longer cleanup process post-installation.

Take the time to remove everything possible from each room in which work will be performed. If you need to, you can move items around the building as each room is completed. Otherwise, you can invest in a temporary storage unit or move things into a room that won’t be affected. It is also a good idea to clear entrances and exits so the materials can easily be carried in and out by the contractors.

Poor Insulation Will Cause Issues

One of the biggest factors that can slow down the drywall installation process is poorly installed insulation. If your walls have insulation that is sagging, falling, or overstuffed, it might be worth having your insulation remedied prior to drywall installation. Insulation that is in poor condition will make installing drywall difficult and more time-consuming.

During the assessment period, you can ask your contractor for advice about your insulation. They can recommend whether or not you should invest in new insulation prior to the drywall being installed.

Expect A Little Cleanup

While a good contractor should not leave your commercial building or home trashed after the installation process is over, you will need to do some cleanup afterward. The biggest mess will be the dust from the drywall. While most of this will be cleaned up during the installation process, you might find residual dust in the building post-install. Plan some time for cleaning the rooms affected after the installation before moving everything back into place.

Need Professional Drywall Installation?

If you are looking for a professional team to install drywall in Des Moines in your home or commercial building, we can help. At Sage Construction, we work hard to provide high-quality drywall services. From small drywall repairs to a massive installation project, we have the tools, resources, and team needed to handle it all. We work on both residential and commercial projects, which makes us the perfect team to handle whatever you throw our way.

First, we will take the time to properly assess your building and determine what the drywall installation will cost, as well as what time it will take for the project to be completed. Then, we will schedule installation at your earliest convenience and get to work. You can count on us to do a premium job at a price you can afford. We will also ensure we leave your home or building in the best condition possible. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our drywall services. We look forward to working with you soon.