When it comes to the structural integrity of your home or commercial, a major player is your drywall. Because drywall is an important component of any building, damages should always be repaired in a timely fashion or drywall replaced when needed. Here at Sage Construction, we provide drywall services in Ames and surrounding communities. We can help you with any drywall project, large or small.

As a general contractor, we have seen it all when it comes to damage drywall. The following are some of the most common drywall issues that might call for repairs. If you are facing any of these situations, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today to learn more about our services.

#1: Water Damage

As the name implies, drywall is not supposed to be something that is exposed to water. If water does find its way to your drywall and the material soaks it up, it can spell big trouble. The most common cause for water damage to your drywall is due to a broken or leaking pipe. If you have recently suffered from this plumbing disaster, you very likely will need to repair your drywall as well. Another time when your drywall may suffer from water damage is due to flooding in your home. This is particularly true of drywall found in basements.

Leaving water damaged drywall can spell future trouble. Water damage will weaken the drywall, ruining the structural integrity as a whole. Not only can water damaged drywall crumble or crack, it can cause other hazards to your health. Waterlogged drywall is the perfect location for mold and mildew to grow, which can lead to health issues for those in the building.

Water damaged drywall will need to be removed and the area repaired. In severe cases, the drywall might need to be replaced entirely.

#2: Accidental Holes

Drywall is meant to withstand quite a bit, however, it is often damaged by accident through a blunt force. In some cases, a hole is formed due to a constant cause of damage, such as a door handle that slams into the wall over and over. In other situations, the hole is created through a one-time event, such as an overzealous back kick that lands your foot in the drywall. Whatever the case, a hole in your drywall should be repaired in a timely fashion.

Not only does a giant hole in your drywall detract from the aesthetics of your home or office, it can weaken the drywall around the area. Make sure that care is taken when repairing holes in your drywall as you want to avoid damaging any wiring or pipes in the area. Holes are usually a simple fix and your contractor will be able to complete the project in no time at all.

#3: Renovation Damages

Another common reason drywall suffers damages is due to a renovation gone awry. This is particularly true of a situation where tile is being removed from a wall. During the removal process, the drywall can be damaged and can potentially crack. If you are taking on your own home renovation, make sure you practice caution when doing anything that might cause damage to your drywall.

If you accidentally got carried away with your remodel and now you are left with a gaping hole in your drywall, uncertain of what to do, call for professional help. Drywall repairs are quick and effective with the right tools and knowledge, allowing you to get back to the fun side of renovating your home.

#4: Poor Installation

One of the reasons why it is so important to invest in professional drywall installation is because shoddy installation can lead to damage down the road. If nails were not properly installed in the center of the joist or stud, they can wind up working their way out of the drywall with time. Trying to nail them back into the place they are falling out of won’t solve the issue. The nail will need to be moved to the right location to ensure that it doesn’t simply fall out again.

Poor installation can also occur when the drywall pieces were not fit properly to the space or where the corner beads were not placed correctly. Installation needs to be precise in order for the system as a whole to last. If you believe your drywall was installed improperly, it is best to have a professional take a look and prevent any further damages from occurring.

Schedule Drywall Repairs Today

Is your drywall cracking, crumbling, or otherwise damaged? If so, you need to schedule repairs as soon as you can. Damaged drywall is unsightly and weakens your home or building’s structural integrity. Water damaged drywall creates an even bigger danger, with the potential for mold and mildew to cause issues with your health. The good news is that you don’t have to handle drywall repairs on your own.

You can contact our team for assistance with drywall repairs in Ames or surrounding areas. Need full drywall installation? We can help with that as well. Our team is equipped to work on projects of any size and, in addition to our drywall services, we also provide an extensive array of other construction services. We can help you with demolition, metal framing, fluid applied weather barriers, and more. Reach out to speak with our team about how we can get to work ensuring your home or commercial building is in the shape you want for the price you can afford.