When it comes to demolition in Des Moines, our crew is well versed in how to best handle even the toughest projects. One of the more complicated forms of demolition is interior demolition. Rather than simply tearing down an entire building from top to bottom, interior demolition allows for the renovation of the inside of the building without damage to the outside.

As a commercial demolition team, we have years of experience working with clients who are in need of this unique demolition type. If you are thinking about hiring our team for interior demolition, check out these important facts about what the project will entail and when it is the best choice for your commercial building or home.

The Basics Of Interior Demolition

Interior demolition is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of toppling over an entire structure, interior demolition is the careful removal of the major components of the inside of a building. The end result is a shell of the interior, with enough material left to safely keep the integrity of your structure intact, but cleaned out of everything else.

So when would you want to rip out in the interior of your building? There are a few times when interior demolition makes sense, including the following:

  • After A Disaster: If your building was recently damaged by a major disaster, interior demolition might be the right solution. Fires, floods, and other extreme events can leave the interior of your building damaged beyond repair. Instead of trying to work around the mess that remains, it is best to take your interior down to the frame, allowing you to rebuild with new, quality materials. Interior demolition will only be helpful if the outside of the structure remained unharmed or can be repaired easily.
  • A Major Renovation Project: If you have a building with an outdated interior, a fresh coat of paint might not cut it. When you want to undertake a major renovation, where large components of the floor plan will be changing, an interior demolition can set the stage for success. This will allow you to safely make drastic changes to the look and functionality of the building.
  • A New Tenant: In the case of a commercial space, you might be in need of interior demolition between tenants. A new tenant might have entirely different plans for the space, and the only way to make those plans a reality is to strip the interior down to the bare bones. This is perfect in the case of adding in a commercial kitchen or other new features that previously did not exist.

The Reasons To Call In The Pros

Once you have established that interior demolition is right for you, you might think about taking on the project yourself. However, while swinging a sledgehammer into the wall might sound easy enough — and maybe even a little fun — the reality is that interior demolition should only be handled by a trained crew. Why? Check out the following reasons.


Odds are good that you are not equipped with all the tools you will need for a full interior demolition. From sledgehammers to jackhammers to small tools in between, the right set of tools will ensure the project is completed accurately and safely.


Slamming down walls and tearing out flooring requires an intricate knowledge of a building’s structure. When you don’t know what you are doing, you can wind up damaging important components of your building’s structure. The end result can cost you a great deal in repairs or, worse yet, put you and other occupants at risk.


As we touched on above, tearing down the wrong part of your interior structure can cause the entire building to be unsteady, leaving you at grave risk. Not only that, but the process of demolition itself can be dangerous if you are not equipped with the right tools and experience.

What Comes Next?

After your contractors tear out the interior of your building, your next step will be a quick clean up, and then you can begin work on the new interior build. A good contractor will remove most of the debris, but, as is true with any construction project, you can expect a little dust to be left behind. Once you have your clean and open space, it is time to start designing the new interior space.

Work With Sage Construction

If you are in need of interior demolition for your building in Des Moines or a surrounding location, we can help. As a professional demolition team, we are equipped to handle any demolition project, large or small. We will work with you to ensure your building’s interior is stripped down to the bare minimum, leaving you with a structure you can renovate and reconstruct. Not only that, but you can also count on our team to help you out with your project from start to finish. Once your interior is stripped of the old, we can help you design the new. We provide an array of helpful construction services, including drywall installation, metal framing, and more.

When it comes to an interior demolition, you want your building to be left in a safe and clean condition. At Sage Construction, we will make it our goal to complete your project on time and to leave your building in the best condition possible. Reach out today to learn more about our demolition services.