Finish carpentry is essentially the “grand finale” to any construction project. It’s the last step of the building process, where all the final touches are added to make a house a “home” or a building an “office.” The individuals who perform these tasks are usually extremely focused and have a strong attention to detail, and they can get projects done more accurately and quicker than any DIY-ers.

At Sage Construction in Des Moines, Iowa, our team of skilled and experienced professionals use advanced methods to ensure our finish carpentry services are effective, efficient, and most importantly, safe. Let us be your next contractor and contact us today!

In this blog post, we’ll break down exactly what a finish carpenter is and why they’re important in the construction process — commercial and residential. 

What does a finish carpenter do?

A finish carpenter comes in at the very end of a project — after the structure is built, insulated, wired and plumbed. Most of these experts have years (sometimes decades) of training and experience, most participating in some sort of apprenticeship or vocational school program before landing a job. They’re required to read blueprints and follow specific instructions so that a building has the character and aesthetic appeal it needs.

These professionals put the final touches on a variety of a building’s projects, including the following:

  • Installing crown molding or wall paneling
  • Beautifying the baseboards on the floor or crown molding on the ceiling
  • Building closets, fireplace surroundings, decks or built-in bookshelves
  • Designing window and door trims
  • Cabinet-making or stair building

Finish carpenters usually complete their work before a building-owner moves into their property, but due to the nature of their trade, they can also perform their work after a building-owner moves in as well, adding a sense of convenience.

The team of finish carpenters at Sage Construction are dedicated to staying within your budget while providing high-quality work.

Where can you find one?

Most construction companies that do contracting work have a team of finish carpenters. There are also third-party websites that can help connect you with a qualified finish carpenter, such as HomeAdvisor or Networx.

Why should you hire a finish carpenter?

It might be tempting to complete any final touches yourself to save some cash, but professional carpenters spend their days making homes and buildings aesthetically pleasing. They have the correct tools, such as table saws and electric screw guns, to build exactly what you’re imaging the first time around.

There are also finish carpenters who choose to specialize in a certain task, such as building cabinets or stairs or crown moldings. That’s another way to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want in the best possible way.

Choose Sage Construction

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