Here at Sage Construction, we take pride in our projects. We’re proud to provide premier commercial construction and renovation services for folks throughout Des Moines and the surrounding area. We assure you, our quality of services far surpass our competitors’. If you’re shopping around for the best construction outfit, we’re here today to convince you that we’re the number one commercial construction contractor in Des Moines. Here’s why Sage Construction is miles ahead of the competition…

Sturdy, Reliable Construction

We build from the bones of your building outwards, utilizing superior metal framing to frame out your build. Metal framing offers a number of benefits to building owners. First of all, our metal frames last longer than wood framing. They simply don’t deteriorate over time. Plus, installation time is shorter than wooden framed units, since all members are uniform. That uniformity also lends to the structural integrity of a structure. Finally, metal framing can’t be damaged by pests and mold like wood can, and it’s completely fireproof.

Design Is in the Details

Once we’ve built out the framing of your building, it’s on to the wall surfaces. We build both interior and exterior wall surfaces, and we put great care into every surface in your building. Most often, we work with exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFSs), drywall, and finish carpentry. You can rest assured that your building is as protected on the outside as it is beautiful on the inside.

Our exteriors are pristine. With our EIFS installs, installation time couldn’t be swifter. Plus, we create clean, uniform surfaces that improve building efficiency while protecting your building from the elements. Learn more about our EIFS installation services.

Our interiors are picturesque. Whether you’re building out a new set of office buildings, or you’re renovating a hotel, we’re the team to call. We install high-end interiors, decked out with modern acoustical ceilings, beautiful finish carpentry, gorgeous tile, unforgettable flooring, and every finishing touch that you desire.

We Do It All

Our motto: We see you through from start to finish. From groundbreak to the day that you earn tenants, we’ll see your project through. As we mentioned, we offer a veritable laundry list of construction services, all under one roof. That makes a job easy for you, and it makes a build efficient for us. For professional, all-in-one construction services, we just can’t be beat.

Our Unbeatable Team

That brings us to our final point: Our team is unbeatable. Sage Construction surrounds a team of construction experts. We’re based right here in Des Moines, and, as your local construction crew, we bring passion to each project. We strive to focus on meticulous workmanship and prompt job completion, while providing affordable, competitive rates to our clients. Feel free to  meet the team here at Sage Construction.

Start Your Project

If you’re ready to start a construction project, or if your current space is in need of a renovation, we’re here to help. Get a bid today, and find out the Sage Construction difference for yourself!