Building projects can be very stressful and take a lot of energy. Whether you’re building a hotel or an office space, you need everything to be good. From designs to the actually installation of each building part, you need excellence. Why? Because the building isn’t just for you. It’s for you and everyone who enters its doors. This can be hundreds of people. There is no space for shoddy workmanship.

Getting a great building starts with getting a great contractor. This is a person who has the organizational abilities to coordinate the dozens of experts who will bring their knowledge to your building to create something that will stand the test of time. This is a person who can accurately assess the costs of your project and give you the results you need for a fair price without cutting corners or taking advantage of you. How do you know you have a contractor who can deliver in all these directions?

In our last blog, we shared a few characteristics of great contractors, including transparent estimates, correct payment protocols, and extensive experience. In today’s blog, we have a few more things for you to watch for!

Signs You Have a Great Contractor

They have a golden reputation.

You can find reviews online and talk to other customers, but it’s a good idea to also check with official organizations whose business is rating companies. Your state may have a registry of contractors and records of complaints. We also recommend you check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if complaints have been filed against your contractor. If there are complaints, don’t immediately move on. Look at the complaints and see how the contractor handles them. Do they respond and make an effort to put things right? The way they treat people who give them low reviews shows how they will deal with you when you’re displeased during the project.

They quickly and willingly provide any information you request.

Great contractors understand how much you have on the line. They understand that you need to be able to trust them. As a result, they will easily provide licenses, proof of insurance, and references when you request them. The contractor will also do the heavy lifting of obtaining the proper permits and inspections in order to ensure your project is completed to code and industry standards.

They are consistently on-site and involved in the process of creating your building.

Many different subcontractors will work on your building at one time or another, and they must be supervised. Without your contractor there to ensure things are going according to plan, you can end up wasting a lot of time and money. A great contractor will be present at your building site, advocating for your standards and ensuring corners aren’t being cut.

They do not compromise on materials.

We mentioned that a good contractor will provide you with a detailed estimate including materials and costs. The contractor won’t just provide you with this list; he or she will follow through in the coming months by ensuring the right materials actually get used. Lower quality materials and goods won’t be part of the process, and you won’t have to worry about finding nasty surprises later down the road.

Choose the Best Commercial Contractor in Des Moines

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