1. Four Things To Consider When Redesigning A Commercial Space

    When it comes to redesigning a commercial space, you want to ensure that the end result is exactly what you are expecting. In order to make sure you are making the right choices in a commercial space redesign, take the time up front to get things in order. Here at Sage Construction, we are the Des M…Read More

  2. Important Facts About Interior Demolition

    When it comes to demolition in Des Moines, our crew is well versed in how to best handle even the toughest projects. One of the more complicated forms of demolition is interior demolition. Rather than simply tearing down an entire building from top to bottom, interior demolition allows for the renov…Read More

  3. The Most Common Drywall Issues

    When it comes to the structural integrity of your home or commercial, a major player is your drywall. Because drywall is an important component of any building, damages should always be repaired in a timely fashion or drywall replaced when needed. Here at Sage Construction, we provide drywall servic…Read More

  4. Five Ways To Make Working With Your Building Contractor Easier

    As a Des Moines building contractor, we have years of experience working on building projects both large and small. We have helped with massive revamps of office buildings to small residential drywall installation projects. One thing we know is that for many people, building projects can be extremel…Read More

  5. What To Expect When You Are Having Drywall Installed

    Drywall is an important component of any home or business, which is why many people opt to have it installed by professional contractors. Drywall hanging can be a tedious task, particularly for large projects. If you are hiring a contractor to have drywall installed, you might have a few questions a…Read More

  6. What is finish carpentry?

    Finish carpentry is essentially the “grand finale” to any construction project. It’s the last step of the building process, where all the final touches are added to make a house a “home” or a building an “office.” The individuals who perform these tasks are usually extremely focused an…Read More

  7. Understanding Demolition Contractors

    You might have heard the word “demolition” or “demo” before, but might not have known what it actually meant in regards to construction and contractors. Of course, huge explosions and large machines come to mind, and sure, some of that is involved in the process, but demolitions are much mor…Read More

  8. The Basics of Weather Barrier Installation

    As you may know, the weather is hardly consistent during the time period of a construction project. It can get hot. It can get cold. It can get extremely windy, or randomly start raining or storming. All of those weather changes can potentially damage the building your construction team is putting a…Read More

  9. Protect Your Building This Winter

    While snow may look beautiful on top of your roof, it’s a liability. Throughout the winter, snow can pile up by the ton (literally), and that can be a massive burden for your roof. What’s more, that snow can slide off and cause catastrophic damage to your property. So, it’s wise to keep tabs o…Read More