1. What is finish carpentry?

    Finish carpentry is essentially the “grand finale” to any construction project. It’s the last step of the building process, where all the final touches are added to make a house a “home” or a building an “office.” The individuals who perform these tasks are usually extremely focused an…Read More

  2. Understanding Demolition Contractors

    You might have heard the word “demolition” or “demo” before, but might not have known what it actually meant in regards to construction and contractors. Of course, huge explosions and large machines come to mind, and sure, some of that is involved in the process, but demolitions are much mor…Read More

  3. The Basics of Weather Barrier Installation

    As you may know, the weather is hardly consistent during the time period of a construction project. It can get hot. It can get cold. It can get extremely windy, or randomly start raining or storming. All of those weather changes can potentially damage the building your construction team is putting a…Read More

  4. Protect Your Building This Winter

    While snow may look beautiful on top of your roof, it’s a liability. Throughout the winter, snow can pile up by the ton (literally), and that can be a massive burden for your roof. What’s more, that snow can slide off and cause catastrophic damage to your property. So, it’s wise to keep tabs o…Read More

  5. Signs You’re Working With a Great Contractor – Part 3

    Most people don't fully realize everything that goes into the hotel or office building keeping them comfortable or facilitating their jobs. It takes dozens of experts doing their very best to create a viable space, and when it comes to commercial buildings, the stakes are particularly high. Many peo…Read More

  6. Signs You’re Working With a Great Contractor – Part 2

    Building projects can be very stressful and take a lot of energy. Whether you're building a hotel or an office space, you need everything to be good. From designs to the actually installation of each building part, you need excellence. Why? Because the building isn't just for you. It's for you and e…Read More

  7. Signs You’re Working With a Great Contractor – Part 1

    No matter what type of building you're creating, it's a significant investment. This is especially true if you've got a commercial building in the works. Commercial buildings, whether they are office buildings or hotels, need to meet the needs of dozens of people as well as the businesses within the…Read More

  8. The Sage Construction Difference

    Here at Sage Construction, we take pride in our projects. We’re proud to provide premier commercial construction and renovation services for folks throughout Des Moines and the surrounding area. We assure you, our quality of services far surpass our competitors’. If you’re shopping around for …Read More

  9. Considerations When Adding to Your Commercial Space

    When it comes time to expand your commercial space, you’ll have more than just a handful of things to consider. You’ll have to prioritize your needs, the needs of your current renters, the appeal of your building to future renters—the list goes on and on. Assess the Programming of the Space Fi…Read More